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Savor Chef's In Home Cooking Lessons are a great way to learn how to cook.  You don't go to a class....the class comes to you!  You get a personal lesson right in your own kitchen.  

Or host a party!  Invite friends and family to a class.    There are group rates available.  You pick the menu, choose a theme, or I can make some suggestions.  You can create a fun event.  And you and your guests will have some delicious food to eat while learning.  

​A Menu of Options

Knife Skills
Soups and Sauces
Roasting, Braising, Grilling
Cuisines of the World:
Your suggestions are encouraged.

"I was so excited to find a cooking instructor that does house calls. What a fun way to learn how to cook. I learned tips and tricks of handling a knife and now enjoy the prep work of cooking. I was taught how to cut up a chicken and how to make simple and tasty recipes to get me through a busy work week. I look forward to see what is on the menu for our upcoming Italian cooking lesson. Pasta from scratch perhaps. Can't wait!"
  Valerie D.